Dylan Hardy extracting firewood quality thinnings with David


I am Dylan and I am a new employee for Broadleaf.Wales under the RFS forestry roots scheme. Prior to joining Broadleaf.Wales I had gone through a junior level school in land management and then completed a level 3 qualification for countryside management.

In moving to Wales and working with Ruth and David I’m hoping to learn new skills, knowledge and insights into forestry from the experience they have (which I have started to already) all while doing the type of work I enjoy doing. I am passionate about the environment and very interested in the projects, plans and practices that broadleaf.wales has done and continues to work with. In my first week here I have already helped with working on my own accommodation, installed fencing as with some guidance built shelves for my things.

8 year old sweet chestnut with strong leader


Accurate pruning cuts


Beautifully pruned stem!

Also while working in the woods I’ve had a chance to do formative pruning, respacing and timber hauling; learning about the importance and practices of the task while using industry specific tools. We have spent much of our downtime even just speaking about the woods or forestry and ecology as a whole and having the perspective of well informed minds is invaluable.

I’m am excited for this year and I’m eager to see what I can do and learn as my experience continues.

Dylan is on a one year work placement with Broadleaf Wales funded through the Royal Forestry Society’s Forestry Roots scheme.