Whether you are planning to plant new woodland, want to start managing existing woodland or want to make better use of what your woodland provides, we can provide advice and access to woodland creation grants.

Current schemes in Wales we can help you access

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Use us to access funding for Woodland Creation in Wales. Our management planner fee is covered by the WCPS once your UK Forest Standard compliant Woodland Creation Plan is approved. Get ahead achieving your 10% tree cover for the new Sustainable Farming Scheme! Contact us to discuss your ideas and find out what you need to do next. 

Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust has a range of schemes for supporting land owners who want to plant trees. As a Woodland Trust agent we can help you decide what scheme suits you. Please contact the Woodland Trust through their Information and application form.

The Welsh Government funds various schemes to help private landowners pursue projects that meet government goals. Increasing the presence of trees in our landscapes can help towards carbon emissions targets, protect your livestock from disease transmission from neighbouring stock, shelter your animals from severe weather (cold, wind, heat), reduce soil and nutrient loss into watercourses and providing more opportunities for biodiversity.

Get ahead of the new Sustainable Farming Scheme and contact us to start planning your route to 10% tree cover on your farm!


Other Schemes

This is not an exhaustive list, so if these don’t support your aspirations keep hunting! Let me know and I’ll add other schemes to this page.

The Woodland Trust sell fantastic subsidised tree packs. Choose the pack that suits your desired woody outcomes.


The Royal Forestry Society is working together with the Royal Scottish Forestry Society and the rail ticket booking service, Trainhugger to support tree planting. For every rail booking made on Trainhugger 50p will be donated to help member of the RFS and RSFS plant trees. This scheme can be used to restock windblow sites.

Regional Woodland Restoration Fund

Look out for 2022’s round of funding in England through the Forestry Commission Regional woodland restoration Innovation Fund – GOV.UK (

The Tree Council

The Tree Council has grants for community and school tree planting projects.