Woodland Grants and Mentoring Schemes

Whether you are planning to plant new woodland, want to start managing existing woodland or want to make better use of what your woodland provides, we can help you access grants, mentoring and felling licences.


Current schemes in Wales we can help you access

Glastir Woodland Creation

David Brown and Ruth Pybus are listed as a Glastir Woodland Management Planners. The current window for Expressions of Interest for Glastir Woodland Creation woodland planting schemes is now closed. Contact us to be on our mailing list when the next window opens.

Farming Connect Mentoring

If you are registered with Farming Connect/Cyswllt Ffermio in Wales and are thinking of developing your woodland activities, why not apply for 15 hours free mentoring time with Ruth Pybus. She will be a listening ear to try out your ideas, share her experiences of related projects and point you towards other individuals and organisations to help you on your next exciting venture. If you are not already registered with Farming Connect, check whether you are eligible and apply online.


The Welsh Government funds various schemes to help private landowners pursue projects that meet government goals. Increasing the presence of trees in our landscapes and improving woodland management can help towards carbon emissions targets, provide more opportunities for biodiversity, manage water flow to alleviate flood risk and have a role in cleaning our air and water.

Please be aware that the sorts of schemes being offered and how they are funded is changing as policy formerly directed from Europe and paid using European funding is transformed into national policy following Brexit.


Other Schemes

This is not an exhaustive list, so if these don’t support your aspirations keep hunting! Let me know and I’ll add other schemes to this page.

The Woodland Investment Grant (TWIG) - Current application window closed


The Royal Forestry Society is working together with the Royal Scottish Forestry Society and the rail ticket booking service, Trainhugger to support tree planting. For every rail booking made on Trainhugger 50p will be donated to help member of the RFS and RSFS plant trees.

Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust will donate trees through their Community Tree Packs for planting projects and have great advice about funding community woodlands. They also have schemes for providing advice and financial support for larger projects through their MOREwoods, MOREhedges and farm planting schemes.

Regional Woodland Restoration Fund

Look out for 2022’s round of funding in England through the Forestry Commission Regional woodland restoration Innovation Fund – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk).

The Tree Council

The Tree Council has grants for community and school tree planting projects.